Sunday, May 15, 2011

Go Sun Devils!

We are proudly sponsoring the Phoenix Invite Swim Meet held at Mona Plummer Aquatic Center on the campus of ASU.  The meet will host elite swimmer and Olympic hopefuls May 27th through the 30th.  Preliminaries are in the morning and finals in the afternoon.  Stop by for your chance to see some of the fastest swimmer around the country!

Here are some images of swimming tiles and caps we have available.

  • Tile with or without crystal - $6 ($10 with chain)
  • Bottle cap with or without crystal - $6 ($10 with chain)
  • Bottle cap with bead accents - $10 ($14 with chain)

Here are the examples of scrabble tile images for swimmers that we have available.

Here are the examples of bottle cap images for swimmer that we have available.

Image for our Phoenix Invite Advertisement - notice difference in middle for a plain bottle cap, tile, and bottle cap with beads

Scrabble tile example and bottle cap example

Colors we have to choose from for bottle caps

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The White Collection...

Do you need a white flower for communion, a wedding, or a special event?

Look no further.  
Here are a few examples of what we can whip up:

These flowers have either been hand sewn or meticulously glued together to create the perfect hair piece for that special occasion.  All pearls, crystal beads, and crystals are swarovski (with the exception of larger crystals in middle).
Here is a look at each up close:
Item A - The all Swarovski flower (medium center with 3 pearls and 3 clear beads hand sewn around it)

Item B:  The crystal tip flower (12 swarovski crystals on tips, 6 swarovski pearls hand sewn in middle, and one medium non-swarovski crystal in middle)

Item c:  This flower has all swarovski pearls and crystal hand sewn on the flowers along with a non Swarovski middle and several swarovski glued to tips.

Item d:  The Pearl Flower (Silver and pearl center with swarovski pearls sewn around it)

Item e:  A large crystal middle with swarovski pearls and crystals sewn around it.

Inquire by emailing Marianne or Paula  or

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter and Graduation

These bottle caps and scrabble tiles have a silver plated bail and a Swavorski Crystal.  There are many themes and styles available!
If you need something new and creative for your child's Easter eggs - look no further!

These scrabble tiles have a silver plated bail and a Swavorski Crystal.  Specifically these have been custom created for a baseball team, Alta Dena parent, and Xavier Prep parent.
If you know someone graduating and a personal gift is in the plans - look no further!

Order your pendants today!

Monday, March 14, 2011

What's new and groovy.....

Well ladies, it has taken us some time to post our new ideas.  Hopefully it has been worth the wait.  We are currently working on wedding and First Communion Hair Flowers and pendant gifts.  Email us for a sneak peek....

Otherwise, our next event is...
YMCA Strong Kid's Woman's Evening
April 1 at 6:30
$20 for entry to shopping and BUNCO
Goody bags are being given, too

NEW!  We are making tile, bottle cap, and tray pendants in a variety of styles.
Pictured above:  Bottle cap with bail, tray, and scrabble tile with bail
EXAMPLE - Silver tray with blue ribbon chain
EXAMPLE - Tile with silver bail and silver chain
NEW!  Burnt fabric flower clips (Above - black with rhinestones and beaded center)
NEW!  Soft flower clips with crochet centers (Above - blue with blue crochet middle)
SPOTLIGHT - Sewn fabric flowers with fringe or in petals with a button middle
TRENDY!!!  Flower clips with sewn sequin middle
ALL SIZES & STYLES - small for baby heads, medium for anyone, and large for the daring

Friday, February 11, 2011

Transportation Day

Transportation Day at Horizon Presbyterian Church, home of the preschool God's Garden, is right around the corner.  Paula and I will be there with our flowers and scrabble tiles and bottle caps.  So be sure to come on out and take a peek at all of the fun stuff we have been crafting!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome to our Blog!

Putting our craftiness out there in this way is kinda scary.  Now this makes everything we do and make "real" so to speak.  We aren't just crafting anymore - we are making products that you all love.  When we see our flowers around town it makes our heart melt!  So thank you for all of your support.  Pass the word along and who knows where this will lead...